ReportingDatabaseMapperLite is a data security platform that uncovers database configuration mistakes, identification and access control issues, missing patches, or any toxic combination of settings that could lead to escalation of privileges attacks, data leakage, denial-of-service (DoS), or unauthorized modification of data held within data stores (relational databases and Big Data). Through its multi-user/role-based access, distributed architecture, and enterprise-level analytics, DatabaseMapperLite enables organizations to secure all of their relational databases and Big Data stores throughout their environment (on premise or in the cloud).


Complete, Accurate, and Intuitive Data Security Solution: Automated inventory testing, information gathering and analysis, empower you with the intelligence to harden the security of your data stores.

  • Discover new or rogue installations, develop security policies, perform safe penetration tests, audit for policy violations, and deliver comprehensive reports on the security of your data stores from every possible angle.
  • Agent-less data security scanning solution that can remotely discover, assess, and report on the security posture, risk profile, and compliance status of all of your relational databases and big data stores.

Distributed Architecture to Accommodate Large Enterprises: The World’s first data security assessment solution that is designed to meet the scalability demands of large organizations with thousands of data stores.

  • Distributed management and scheduling features enable an enterprise to assign and schedule remote engines to scan, and pull those results back to a central management console for analysis.
  • Policies can be configured according to the needs of your organization throughout the enterprise. They can range from being all-encompassing or customized to the specific needs of a business unit or workgroup. Multiple policies can be used to accommodate an organization’s various business, security and compliance needs.

Manage Data Security Assessment Results and Remediation Efforts: Facilitates closing the loop from initial discovery of relational databases and big data stores to fixing vulnerabilities and policy violations.

  • Reporting facilities to communicate data security holes and policy violations to various team-members throughout your organization (colleagues, executives, and technicians).
  • Enterprise-wide remediation management that facilitates delegating efforts to address open issues, policy violations, or vulnerabilities.
  • Automatically forward reports to the respective administrators for immediate action.
  • Enterprise-level reporting and analytics platform that provides information on the status, progress, and effectiveness of your data security efforts.

supported-database-typesComplementary and Compatible Security Solution: With a focus on relational database and big data platforms, our solutions provide everything organizations need to factor these critical technologies into their existing security management, risk mitigation, and compliance efforts.

  • SqlGuard picks up where other scanning solutions fall short, by providing an up-to-date, accurate, and lightweight data store discovery, assessment (security, risk, and compliance), and reporting solution without the use of agents or reliance on Database Administrative (DBA) expertise or privileges.
    • Many security scanners investigate and examine vulnerabilities of the host and network operating system with minimal and inaccurate relational database and big data store checks.
    • Other “data security” or “database scanners” require extensive Database Administrator (DBA) privileges or rely on agents for their assessments.
  • Industry standard interfaces to integrate with existing security and IT operation solutions.
  • Meets Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE) Compatibility Requirements.

Continuously Updated Data Security Knowledgebase: ASAP Updates – Extensive and continuously updated analytics and knowledgebase of relational database and big data security best practices, configuration settings, and vulnerabilities.

  • Backed by our own data security research and development team to discover, develop, and integrate their knowledge, intelligence, and visualization best practices into SqlGuard solutions.