asset_discoverOur products’ data security solutions provide a complete inventory of data stores along with their respective objects, users and enabled security features within your organization.

  • Easily review all of the accessible assets, user access levels, and security feature usage throughout your environment.
  • Identify and highlight recently added, rogue or missing data store installations and objects.
  • Quickly ascertain the configuration state of all your data stores (relational or big data).

Our product solutions provide a systematic and targeted search facility to uncover all of your installed data stores, their respective operational components, objects, users and enabled features/capabilities. As a result, a complete inventory of the number of these entities, operational components, version numbers, names, objects (tables, stored procedures, functions, programs, etc.), users, roles, privileges and enabled features are provided.

  • Data Stores - Accurate inventory of relational databases and big data stores including type, version, patch level, and names.
  • Objects and Users - All users, groups, roles, and privileges.
  • Features and Capabilities - Complete listing of all the parameters, configuration settings, and features that are enabled, disabled or missing.